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What is beard balm and how do you use it?

Every bearded man has beard oil at home (that's the way it should be), but beard balm is less well known. You can read here what it does, that you can use it for care and styling of the beard. Also watch the video, in which we show the application of beard balm.


Balm, butter or conditioner

Okay, let's deal with this first: beard balm, beard butter, and beard conditioner are three terms that often refer to the same product. Although the properties (and the degree of care and hold ) differ per brand, these products basically do the same thing: they care for and style the beard.


Barbaric Beard Balm Sword

What is beard balm

Beard balm is a so-called leave-in conditioner and consists of natural butters, oils and beeswax. It moisturizes your beard and the underlying skin. Beard balm is intended for all beards, short and long. The nourishing ingredients of the balm ensure that your beard and underlying skin are healthy, making your beard look beautiful and well-groomed.

Unlike beard oil, beard balm is also a styling product. After application, the balm hardens, keeping the beard hairs in shape. Barbaric's beard balm has a medium hold .


How to use beard balm

If you are using beard balm for the first time, you may wonder how you actually get it out of the jar and into your beard. The substance is quite hard. Well, here's how you do it: scrape some balm out of the jar with the top of your thumb. Then rub it warm in your hands, making it smooth. Now apply it into your beard, running your fingers through the beard and over the underlying skin.

Remember that the beard balm hardens after application, so shape your beard right away. You can use your fingers for this, but you can also use a beard comb (tip: rinse the comb after use, so that no balm sticks to it and accumulates).

Buy beard balm

If you are going to buy a beard balm, check the properties of the balm. Not every beard balm is both moisturizing and suitable for styling. And choose a balm without silicone. Silicone lays a layer on the skin and beard hair, as it were, so that the nourishing ingredients cannot penetrate properly. So you don't really care for your beard with this. Barbaric's beard balm is silicone-free.

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Barbaric baardbalsem
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Barbaric baardbalsem
bundel & bespaar