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How do you use beard scissors?

Beard scissors are part of a complete beard care. You can use beard scissors in addition to or instead of a trimmer. Read about this and how to use the scissors here.


Why do you need beard scissors?

Maybe you already have a beard trimmer with which you regularly trim your beard, maybe not. Beard scissors are a good addition in both cases: in addition to the trimmer for the small hairs and instead of a trimmer to get the whole job done. Either way, you'll need to trim your beard regularly to keep it neat and tidy.

With beard scissors - you guessed it - you can trim your beard and mustache. Unlike a trimmer, you can work very precisely with scissors. It is also an advantage that you do not pull the hairs with scissors, but cut them off quietly and the hairs can continue to grow undisturbed.

Barbaric beard scissors

How do you use beard scissors?

1. Wash your beard with a mild beard shampoo. This is not only hygienic, it also makes the hair smoother and therefore easier to cut.

2. Let the beard dry thoroughly.

3. Grab your beard comb and comb through the beard. Do this between cuts as well. Do not only comb in the direction of hair growth, but also against it, so that you can clearly see which hairs are sticking out.

4. Cut the protruding hairs to the desired length.

5. Brush your beard with a beard brush to remove loose hairs.

6. Finally, apply a nourishing beard oil without silicone.


Buy beard scissors

Now of course you want to buy beard scissors, we understand. So we are happy to help you on your way and have already selected a topper for you. Barbaric beard scissors are very sharp and of high quality, the scissors have an ergonomic design with finger support (for optimal stability during use). The material, stainless steel, is easy to maintain and sharpen and you can adjust the tension of the scissors yourself with the adjusting screw.

| Beard scissors of comparable quality often cost more than €100. This topper of beard scissors can simply be ordered via Barbaric. |

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