Barbaric snor knippen

This is the tip for trimming your mustache

Trimming your mustache is a precise job. Now let's give you the tip to ensure that you can trim your mustache symmetrically in no time. Also watch the video at the bottom of this article.


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The tip

Yes, we said in an instant and we mean it. The ultimate tip for a symmetrically trimmed mustache is a matter of using both hands. So cut with right and left. Exciting? The first time, yes, but the result is astonishing.


The steps

Step 1: brush the mustache downwards, so that you can clearly see which hairs fall over the lip.

Step 2: Take the scissors in your right hand, raise your elbow in the air and trim the left side of the mustache. Not the entire side at once, but strand by strand.

Step 3: Now take the scissors in your left hand and repeat the previous step on the right side of your mustache.

Step 4: brush the mustache again (make sure the loose hairs are removed) and check whether any ends need to be trimmed.

And, voilà: a symmetrical mustache.

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