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How do you solve common beard issues?

In the previous blog we listed common beard issues and their causes. And of course we also have the solutions for them. Check them out below and go for a beautiful and healthy beard.


Solve beard problems

Beard itch

To prevent an itchy beard, it is important to keep the beard clean and to nourish and moisturize the skin under the beard with beard oil and beard balm. Itching worsens when you scratch, so don't do that.


| Beard itch is common, we wrote more extensively about preventing and solving this. Read it here. |



Clean the beard regularly with a mild beard shampoo and moisturise the underlying skin with beard oil. Use a beard shampoo without parabens and sulfates and a beard oil without silicones, as these are ingredients that dry out the beard and skin and prevent nourishing ingredients from doing their job.


Barbaric beard care


Ingrown hair

Use a beard brush regularly. With this you brush the hair upwards, as it were, away from the skin, and you remove dead skin cells. Brushing and scrubbing in one. This prevents hairs from growing into the skin.


Irregular beard growth or little volume

If you have a beginning beard and suffer from these problems, give it some time. The beard may grow less fast in some places or have thinner hairs. If you have a beard for longer (or don't have the patience to give it time), use a beard roller and serum to stimulate beard growth.

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If your beard grows faster on some parts than on others, you can also use a trimmer to make it more even. And did you know that you can make the beard look fuller with a beard brush?

Split ends

Trim your beard regularly: trim or cut away split ends and protruding hairs. And nourish and protect the hair daily with beard oil and beard balm.

Beard hair loss

Because hairs are constantly renewing, a little hair loss is normal. If it bothers you more than usual, a healthy lifestyle and the use of the right tools are good tips. For example, do you use a comb with the narrow openings, so that it pulls on the beard? Then replace it with a beard comb with wide teeth. And make sure you use high quality beard care products.


Fading contours

Regularly trim the lines on your cheeks and neck with a pair of scissors, trimmer, or razor. If you use a razor, it's not handy if you can't see what you're doing because of the thick foam. Therefore use a Shaving Cream: this does not foam and is therefore ideal for working precisely.

| A beard shaping tool can help you create tight contours. Read here how to do that. |


Skin irritations

Use high quality beard care products. What to watch out for? Make sure it doesn't contain sulfates, parabens and silicones. Choose as many natural ingredients as possible. If your skin reacts strongly to perfume, use products that have an essential oil scent or are completely fragrance-free.


| Tip: Here you can read which scents of our products are made from perfume and essential oils. If in doubt, you can always ask us for advice via email or chat. |


Keeping your beard clean is essential, but don't use too hot water and don't use too much and often beard shampoo (2 to 3 times a week at the most). This can dry out the skin, which can cause irritation.


Prevent beard problems

Proper beard care is essential to prevent these beard problems. And that requires routine and discipline. We help you on your way by offering high quality products and have put together kits with the essentials for your daily beard care.

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Barbaric baardbalsem
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Barbaric baardbalsem
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Barbaric baardshampoo 200ml
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