Barbaric baardverzorging geuren

The scents of Barbaric

What are those names of barbaric attributes on the products? Those are the smells. All Barbaric products have a nice masculine scent, all with a different character. Here you can read all about the different scents.

Combining scents

We work with a number of fragrances, recognizable by the barbaric weapons on the products. All scents fit together, so you can combine the products well. One scent is a bit heavier than the other, there are some fresher and more perfumed scents. But all are truly masculine scents with woody undertones, befitting the modern barbarian.


A warm woody scent, with a spicy citrus top note. (f)
Product: beard oil


A soft oriental fragrance, with a fresh touch of lime, based on musk. (f)
Product: beard balm


A warm spicy and earthy scent with vetiver, ginger and grapefruit. (e)
Product: beard wax


A warm woody base, with hints of grapefruit and jasmine. An oriental fragrance reminiscent of the salty sea. (f)
Product: beard oil


Give your hair (and day) a boost with a scent of warm woods, fresh citrus and spicy pepper. (e)
Product: hair shampoo


A journey through Japan, captured in a calming scent: sweet blossom, fresh eucalyptus and warm wood. (e)

Product: beard oil


A rich scent on a base of cedar wood, musk and vanilla, with fresh notes of citrus and mint and a hint of fruit. (f)
Product: beard wax


A blend of sweet and woody scents, on a base of lavender and cedarwood. (e)


A refreshing and energizing scent that is both sweet and spicy. With a touch of peppermint and fennel. (e)
Product: beard wax


A rich woody scent, with an exotic oriental touch . (f)
Product: beard oil


Product: beard oil

Fragrance and essential oils

The fragrances are made from fragrance oils and essential oils , identified above by (f) and (e). Essential oils are 100% natural. The fragrance oils are not, but they are only added in small quantities (well within the IFRA guidelines).

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