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Does your beard grow faster in the summer?

You've probably heard it before: your hair grows faster in the summer. But is that really the case? Does this also apply to the beard...

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These are the 4 best investments for your beard

If you have a beard, you want it to stay beautiful. And yes, you have to do something for that. But what do you actually...

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This is the tip for trimming your mustache

Trimming your mustache is a precise job. Now let's give you the tip to ensure that you can trim your mustache symmetrically in no time....

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How do you care for a gray beard?

If your beard has turned gray, you will probably notice that the structure is different than before. Gray hair can be a bit coarser and...

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How do you recognize silicones, parabens and sulphates in hair and beard care products?

Silicones, parabens and sulphates are common ingredients in care and styling products for your hair and beard. But it's better to avoid them. This is...

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How do you tame a wild beard?

If you have a naturally wild beard, it can look unkempt. That is of course not the intention. Don't worry: you can tame a wild...

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What looks can you create with the Beard & Hair Straightener?

The Beard & Hair Straightener is a true multi-styling tool. You can go in any direction with it. And that is the reason to have...

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Why use shampoo without parabens and sulphates?

Sulfates and parabens, you hear these terms often these days. And then you will probably also have heard that they are not good for you....

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How do you solve common beard issues?

In the previous blog we listed common beard problems and their causes. And of course we also have the solutions for that. Check them out...

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What are common beard problems?

You don't just grow a beautiful beard. It takes time and attention and you can run into issues. We list the most common beard problems...

Waarom een Shaving Cream gebruiken?

Why use a Shaving Cream?

There are several shaving products, the best known of which is shaving foam. You can buy this foam ready-made or create it yourself with shaving...

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What do you take with you on vacation for your beard?

Travel , how wonderful it is. If you follow us on Instagram, you know that mister Barbaric himself likes to travel. But what do you...

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Why use an unscented beard oil?

At Barbaric we attach great importance to wonderful scents and have therefore spent a lot of time choosing the scents for the products, which also...

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How do you solve mistakes when shaving or trimming your beard?

It can happen to anyone: a mistake while trimming your beard or mustache. Your beard is sacred, so that sucks. But before you just shave...

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How do you avoid mistakes when shaving or trimming your beard?

Making mistakes is only human. And bearded men sometimes make a mistake when it comes to trimming their beards. We've all experienced it. But the cliché is...

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