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How do you use a beard roller for beard growth?

Aren't you one of the lucky bastards who is naturally blessed with a beautiful full beard? Then you are certainly not alone. And, good to know, something can be done about that. You can stimulate your beard growth with a Beard Growth Roller.


Who is the beard roller intended for?

The beard roller is for every man. You probably fall into one of these categories:

  • you don't have much beard growth and want that;
  • you have thin spots in your beard that you want to fill;
  • you want to make your beard fuller;
  • you want your beard to grow faster.

| Read more about how to grow a great beard here . |


What is a beard roller

A beard roller is a roller with microneedles. The needles poke small holes in the skin when you roll the roller over it (with light pressure). These holes activate your skin's natural healing process, increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles and promoting beard growth.

Should you suddenly expect great beard growth? No, it's not magic. Where there is 0 beard growth, it will not come. The roller stimulates a natural and body's own process, but if there is no hair follicle in that place, there is nothing to stimulate.

| Do not use (and therefore buy) a beard roller whose packaging is not sealed, for reasons of hygiene. The Beard Growth Roller in our shop comes in sealed plastic and can therefore not be returned if the packaging has been opened. |

Barbaric Beard Growth Kit

How to use the beard roller

1. Disinfect the beard roller needles with Beard Roller Sanitizer. You do this by letting the roller rotate while you spray the sanitizer on it a few times.

| Don't skip disinfecting the beard roller. The needles of the roller make small holes in the skin, so proper cleaning of those needles is essential to prevent skin irritation. |

2. Using light pressure, roll the roller up and down over the skin 5 times. Then you do that another 5 times from right to left and finally 5 times diagonally.

3. Disinfect the needles again to prevent skin cells and bacteria from accumulating.

4. Lubricate the skin with Beard Growth Serum to accelerate recovery and promote beard growth.

Do not use the beard roller more than twice a week, so that your skin has time to recover. You can use the serum more often.

And now it's a matter of holding on, keep rollin' .

| Tip: order the beard roller, growth serum and sanitizer in one go in this handy kit . |


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