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What is a beard brush & how do you use it?

A beard brush, as a bearded man you probably have one. Not? Then you should buy one quickly, because it is an indispensable tool for daily beard care. You can read here what a beard brush is good for and what you should pay attention to when you buy one.


Distribute beard oil

One of the essential tools for good beard care is a beard brush. In addition to the brush detangling your beard hair, you can use it for distributing beard oil, for example. The beard oil is gently spread by the brush through the beard hairs and the underlying skin.


Barbaric beard brushes

Exfoliate and clean

In addition, the brush acts as a kind of scrub for the skin. Your skin cells continuously renew, creating dead skin cells. With the beard brush you stimulate that process and prevent dander and dirt from remaining on the skin, clogging the pores and ending up in your beard. You also brush away the old loose hair that your beard releases automatically, making room for new beard hairs. This way, both your beard and your skin will stay healthy. And make sure that the nourishing ingredients of the beard oil reach your skin and beard hair optimally. Brush your beard regularly for optimal results.



This all has an effect on how your beard looks, because a healthy beard shines and is less stiff. But by brushing the beard, you also create volume. And who wouldn't want a shiny, full beard?


Choose beard brush

Beard brushes come in all kinds of materials, sizes and colors. Which one you choose depends on your beard and personal preference. For example, are you going for an oval-shaped brush that lies in your hand, or a brush with a handle? Do you choose wild boar hair, a combination of nylon and horse hair or vegetable or synthetic hair? You can find a brush of every material that is good for your beard. When buying the brush, pay attention to the structure and stiffness of the bristles. That determines whether the brush is suitable for your beard. If you have a long beard or stiff hair, choose a somewhat harder brush than if you have a short beard or thin hair.


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