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How do you maintain a shaving brush?

If you use a shaving brush for your shaves, you naturally want to keep it clean and beautiful. Dirt and bacteria easily nestle between the hairs, so proper cleaning is very important. Here you can read how to properly maintain your shaving brush.


| Tip: using the shaving brush ensures an optimal shave. |


Clean after use

The first step in cleaning is cleaning the brush after use, the 'daily cleaning'. After every shave, rinse the brush thoroughly with warm water, paying special attention to the space between the bristles where foam and dirt quickly settle. Then press the moisture out of the brush and shake it towel dry. Then hang the brush with the bristles down in a shaving brush stand.

Barbaric shaving brush beard care

When to clean thoroughly

Periodically it is time for a thorough cleaning of the brush. You can generally see when this is necessary: ​​soap residue between the hairs (despite cleaning after use), the brush absorbs water less well and therefore no longer foams optimally, the hairs break off or fall out and when you use your hand goes over the dry brush you see a cloud of dust.


Deep cleaning

1. Put warm water in a bowl and add a little (not too much) detergent.

2. Make a circular motion with the brush through the soapy water. Press the bristles regularly against the bottom of the bowl, so that the detergent also reaches the roots of the bristles.

3. Let the brush hang in the soapy water for 1 minute, so that it absorbs well.

4. Rinse the brush with warm water.

5. Rinse the bowl and fill it with 9 parts water and 1 part white natural vinegar. Quantity guideline: the bristles of the brush must be able to hang completely in the mixture.

6. Make circular movements with the brush through the bowl again and let the mixture soak in for 20 minutes. Note: the handle of the shaving brush should not hang in the liquid to prevent damage.

7. Wash the brush thoroughly with warm water and a little mild shampoo (eg Barbaric Beard Shampoo).

8. Rinse out the shampoo and clean the brush handle.

9. Squeeze and shake the moisture from the bristles, dry the handle and then hang the brush with the bristles down in a shaving brush holder. Store the brush upside down in the holder, even when it is dry. This way you prevent dirt from getting between the hairs and by letting it dry in this way you prevent mold formation.


| Repeat these steps regularly and your shaving brush can last for years! |

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