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What is the difference between a beard comb and beard brush?

As a beard wearer you probably have both at home, the beard comb and the beard brush. But what are they actually good for and what is the difference between the two? But maybe you also use your 'regular' comb for your beard, then read on!


Beard comb vs. regular comb

If you've taken a good look at beard combs versus regular combs (the ones for your head hair), you may have noticed that a beard comb is generally a bit smaller and that the teeth of the comb are further apart. The latter has to do with the structure of your beard: the hair is generally stiffer and curlier than the hair on your head. If there is not enough space between the teeth of the comb, you will not get through your beard smoothly and you will pull the hair too much. The size is because of the use: you use a beard comb regularly, even during the day, which makes it so handy that you can put it in your pocket.

Can't you use a regular comb for your beard and vice versa? Yes, especially if it is a wide-toothed comb. Make sure that you rinse the comb well after use with care and styling products, otherwise it will get sticky and hair gel will get into your beard (and you don't want that).


Beard comb

You mainly use a beard comb to untangle your beard and it is a handy styling tool: run the beard comb through your beard after you have applied balm or wax, this will spread the styling product even better. Then rinse your comb and it's good to go again.

Barbaric bar brush beard comb

Beard brush

A beard brush is less suitable for use with styling products. Balm and wax would stick to the hair and you won't get that off as easily as with a beard comb.

What then is the purpose of the brush? Cleanse and soften the beard and exfoliate the skin underneath. Your beard hairs and skin cells are constantly renewing. With a beard brush you remove the old hair and dead skin cells. You can also use the brush after applying beard oil , so that you spread the oil well and create a shiny effect.

A beard brush is useful if you want to get your beard in perfect shape. You can even style a tousled beard with this. With a good beard brush, your beard gets a healthy shine.

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