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What is beard oil & how do you use it?

Beard oil, every bearded man (who takes care of his beard) has it at home. But what does it do? And how do you actually use it?

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What is beard oil

Beard oil is a care product for both the beard hairs and the skin under your beard. It nourishes the hair and skin, so that they do not dry out and you suffer from itching or dandruff. This care makes your beard hair softer and shines, in short: you get a healthy beard. Beard oil is not a styling product. For styling, you use beard balm and/or beard wax, depending on the structure of your beard, and of course your needs.

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How to use beard oil

You use the beard oil daily after you have cleaned your beard (with warm water and possibly beard shampoo) and dried it. Barbaric's beard oil has a pipette cap, with which you can easily drip the product into your hand or directly into the beard. How many drops do you need? That depends on your beard length and the dryness of your beard and skin.

Massage the oil into the beard hairs and underlying skin, starting at the outer edges (neck, sideburns) and moving towards the center, ending at the lengths of your beard. Use a beard comb or brush to evenly distribute the oil and style the beard.

| Tip: you can also use beard oil as a nourishing beard mask to give your beard a boost once in a while. You can read more about that here. |

Beard oil without silicone

Barbaric's beard oil is made from natural products. We offer a beard oil with a basis of almond and castor oil and a beard oil made of apricot, argan and macadamia. The first one nourishes the skin intensively and maintains the moisture content of the skin. This oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and increases beardhair growth. It also contains grapeseed oil, which with its neutral properties is suitable for every skin type and is an extremely high antioxidant. The second oil softens the beard hair and skin. The ingredients are highly moisturising, prevent irritation and soothe the skin. Both oils are suitable for men with a dry and/or sensitive skin.

Our beard oil does not contain silicone. Silicone puts a layer around your skin and beard hair, as it were, so that the other ingredients cannot penetrate properly. And those ingredients are exactly what your skin and beard need to stay healthy. It is hard to wash silicone out of your beard and skin, causing a build up. Just avoid it.

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