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How and why do you use beard shampoo?

Shampoo, everyone has it at. But a shampoo for your hair is not intended for your beard. Why not? And what does a beard shampoo actually do and how often should you wash your beard with shampoo? You read it here.


Beard Shampoo vs. regular shampoo

Just like your head hair, you should wash your beard regularly. Warm water washes away quite a bit of dirt, but with a beard shampoo you can really clean your beard and the skin underneath it. And because this region is different from your scalp and hair, you can't use a normal shampoo for it. Your beard hairs have a different structure and your skin is also more vulnerable than your scalp. Your beard hairs and skin dry out quickly, especially when you use a regular shampoo. That is too aggressive. The consequence? A dry, dull beard and flaky skin.


A beard shampoo is milder than a regular shampoo and contains natural ingredients that nourish the skin and beard hair. This not only makes your beard clean, but also softer and shinier.

Barbaric beard shampoo

How often should you shampoo your beard?

For best results, wash your beard 2 to 3 times a week with beard shampoo. If you do that more often, your skin can dry out, because you wash off your skin's own oils that form a protective layer. If you have worked out a lot and your beard has become dirty due to sweat or other dirt or dust, it is of course also wise to wash your beard well with beard shampoo.


Beard shampoo without sulfates, silicones and parabens

Barbaric's beard shampoo is a mild beard shampoo with a wonderful scent, reminiscent of a hammam. The beard shampoo is enriched with aloe vera and black currant extract and is free of sulphates, silicones and parabens.

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Barbaric baardshampoo 200ml
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Barbaric baardshampoo 200ml
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