Barbaric baard shaping tool

What is a beard shaping tool and how do you use it?

The name of the tool already reveals what this tool is intended for. It is an aid to give your beard beautiful, symmetrical contours. Flowing lines on your face and neck. But how to use it can be tricky to figure out. Barbaric to the rescue!


What is a beard shaping tool

So you use the tool to give your beard tight contours. You can read how to do that below, but first let's zoom in on the tool itself. The stylish wooden tool has the shape of a triangle, with a round inside. The two sides have a comb on the outside, one a bit longer than the other. So you also immediately have a beard comb at hand, which is handy. The tool is suitable for both short and long beards.

| Tip: the tool is also nice to give as a gift. To novice beard wearers, for example. |


Barbaric beard shaping tool and razor

How to use the beard shaping tool

For most of us it is quite clear how the tool is used for the line on your cheeks (we will explain it in a moment), but the neckline... that is more difficult to figure out. We'll help you get started.

Barbaric beard shaping toolBarbaric beard shaping tool cheek contourBarbaric beard shaping tool necklineBarbaric beard shaping tool sideburn

1. Prepare your skin and beard for the method you will use: a razor or clippers. Comb the beard hairs away from the line you are tackling (comb the hairs downwards at the cheeks and up at the neck) so that you can clearly see which hairs are sticking out. Do not use shaving foam, because it will make it difficult for you to see what you are doing well. Use a Shaving Cream instead: it doesn't foam, you can work precisely, it makes the skin smooth and the hair soft.

| Read here how to use a safety razor for optimally smooth shaving results. |

2. Grab the tool. Hold the tool firmly during use so that it does not shift.

  • For the contours on the face: place the tool with the short comb towards your ear, so that the curve lies on your cheek. Determine a nice line, with the end of the long comb pointing towards your mustache. Run the clippers or razor over the skin along the tool until the protruding hairs are gone. Repeat on the other cheek.
  • For the neckline: tilt your head upwards to expose the neckline. Place the tool with the long comb up, holding it by the short comb that sticks straight down (the corner of the tool is under or on your chin, depending on how high you want the neckline to be). Run the razor or clippers down from the tool and shave your neck smoothly. Repeat on the other side of the neck. You will be left with a small triangle in the center of the neck that you can now easily touch up in the same line without the tool .
  • For the line between sideburns and ears: place the tool with one of the straight sides (the comb sides) towards your ear, on your sideburn, with a small space from your ear (as much as you want). Shave away the hairs that stick out between the tool and your ear.

| Tip: if you are using the tool for the first time or if you are not yet very comfortable with it, make the contours as close to your natural hairline as possible. This way you don't accidentally shave off too much. |

3. Remove the hairs and any shaving cream from the tool .

And voilà, you have a sleek beard.

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