Hoe gebruik je baardolie als voedend baardmasker?

How do you use beard oil as a nourishing beard mask?

You may never have wondered (or did you, because you clicked on this blog): is there a nourishing mask for the beard? You probably know it for your hair, but there is also a mask for the beard.


What is a beard mask

We start at the beginning. With a mask you give your beard and the underlying skin some extra care. You use this in addition to daily beard care. Now you ask yourself: do you need an extra product for that? No, you can do this with beard oil.

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Barbaric beard oil

Beard oil as a nourishing mask for your beard

So beard oil, and yes, you already use it. But sometimes your beard and the underlying skin could use a boost. Apply oil to your beard at night before going to bed and massage it in well. Use a few more drops than you normally do during the day. Give your beard and skin a nice oil layer. Let the oil soak in all night. The nourishing ingredients of the beard oil give a boost to the beard hairs and skin. And you wake up with a shiny, healthy beard.

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