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What is a beard straightener & how do you use it?

The beard straightener is a tool that we have been looking for for a long time and have been fans of since the first time we used it. If you don't have a beard, you probably can't imagine this exists. But if you do have a beard (that's probably why you're reading this now), then this is the hardware you want. Read on and watch the video.

Barbaric cordless beard straightener

What a beard straightener is

The word says it all: it is a straightener for the beard. Simply put, it's a combination of a brush and an iron or hair straightener. The beard straightener is also called a heated beard brush. A brush with warm teeth that detangles, styles and shapes beard hair. Don't you burn your skin with those hot teeth? No, the ends are made of rubber and therefore do not get hot.


How to use a beard straightener

1. Start with a clean, dry beard. Never use the beard straightener on a damp or wet beard, as this can (permanently) damage your beard.

2. Turn on the beard straightener and select the desired temperature, let the straightener heat up until the temperature is reached. If you don't know yet which temperature works for your beard, start with the lowest. If you don't get the desired result, turn it up a notch.

| Do not set the straightener to a higher temperature than necessary to avoid damaging your beard. |

3. Move the straightener slowly through the beard like a brush, from top to bottom. If you notice that there are tangles in the hair, comb the beard with a beard comb. If you want to create more volume, use the heated comb at the top of the straightener.

4. Once your beard is in shape, turn off the beard straightener with the button. Remove any loose hairs that are stuck between the teeth of the straightener and let it cool before storing it.

| Clean the beard straightener regularly. Hair, dander and beard care products can accumulate on and between the teeth, which means that the heat is no longer distributed properly and you do not get the optimal result. |

5. Apply beard oil to nourish your beard and the underlying skin and seal the beard hairs. Since you've applied heat, proper beard care is essential (if you don't want to end up with a straw beard). Let the oil soak in thoroughly.

6. Now apply hydration and hold in the form of beard balm . Besides the fact that this is extra important now that you have applied heat to the beard, the balm hardens after application and keeps the hair in shape.

If you want more hold , complete your styling ritual with beard wax to fix the beard so that it stays in shape.

| The beard straightener is a multi-tool you can create multiple looks with. |

And now? Show off that beard !

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Barbaric baardbalsem
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