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How do you prevent an itchy beard?

Beard itch, how annoying is that! You almost want to shave off your beard to get rid of it. But fortunately that is not necessary. With good beard care you prevent most itching.


Itchy beard


The first step is a good cleaning of the beard. Dirt and dead skin cells that build up can cause a lot of itching and you don't want that. Therefore, wash your beard with beard shampoo. Do not use regular shampoo intended for scalp hair, as they are often too aggressive. Barbaric's beard shampoo is a mild shampoo, especially for the beard, without sulfates and parabens. Do not use the shampoo daily, keep it to two to three times a week to prevent the beard from drying out. On the other days, rinse the beard well with warm water.

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The next important tip is to brush the beard daily. With a good brushing you remove dirt, dead skin cells, flakes and old beard hairs and you make room for the skin and beard to renew itself and absorb nutrients properly. The sturdy hairs of the beard brush must therefore touch the skin during brushing, so that you exfoliate the skin, as it were.

Beard oil

After brushing, apply beard oil to the beard. The beard oil is full of nutrients for the beard and the skin under the beard, which can now be absorbed well. Because there are no silicones in Barbaric's beard oil , the nutrients can also reach the beard and skin better.

Then distribute the oil through the beard with the beard brush or a beard comb. Clean your tools, such as your beard comb and beard brush, regularly. Always rinse off residues of care and styling products immediately, so that they do not accumulate. Working with accessories that are not clean also causes dirt, bacteria and therefore itching and perhaps even a skin rash.

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Barbaric beard oil

Don't touch

And now the hardest step: hands off your beard! We know how tempting it is to touch your beautiful beard, to run your fingers through it, but don't. There are a lot of bacteria on your hands, which you transfer to your beard and the skin under your beard with the touch.

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Barbaric baardshampoo 200ml
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