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How do you solve mistakes when shaving or trimming your beard?

It can happen to anyone: a mistake while trimming your beard or mustache. Your beard is sacred, so that sucks. But before you just shave it all off, read these tips to fix the mistakes so you can get back on the road.


Beard touch-up mistakes

Whether you have a beard or mustache for the first time and are going to groome it, you are using a new tool or just wanted to experiment with a new style: small mistakes are lurking. It happens to the best. For example an asymmetrical mustache, trimming your beard too short or even creating a bald spot, or shaving the contours too low on your cheeks or too high in your neck. Yes, it all happens.

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| Use these tips to avoid mistakes when shaving and trimming your beard. |


Make it a new look
Well, this is the simplest solution, and perhaps also the best: just turn your mistake into a new style and take to the streets with your head held high and your beard in the wind. Did you shave the neckline a bit too high? Own it. If the contour on one cheek is too low, shave the other cheek the same. Asymmetrical mustache? Update it a bit further so that it is symmetrical, but a bit shorter and/or narrower. Or, if you're a real daredevil, own the crooked moustache.

Go short
The mistakes are less noticeable if you have a short beard, because there is less contrast. For example, if you have created a bald spot, this could be the solution. But a short beard is also ideal for cheek contours that are too low or a neckline that is too high. Because let's face it: rather a short beard than no beard at all.

Hide it with styling
If you have a somewhat longer beard, you can hide flaws by simply styling your beard hair over it. Bald spot? Brush the hairs so that you can no longer see it and fixate the look with beard wax.


Time heals all wounds (read: mistakes)
Even if you have made it your new look or if you have chosen a different solution: it is only temporary. Your beard and mustache will grow back and slowly (depending on how bad the damage is) it will resolve itself.


Is it really bad or are you afraid to do more damage, go to a good barber and indicate that you want to save your beard.

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Barbaric baardwax
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Barbaric baardwax
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