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Why use an unscented beard oil?

At Barbaric we attach great importance to wonderful scents and have therefore spent a lot of time choosing the scents for the products, which also go well together. But now there is also an odorless beard oil in our range. Why use an unscented beard oil, you ask?


Odorless beard oil

Meet Quiver, Barbaric's odorless beard oil. The properties and ingredients of this nourishing beard oil are the same as those of its scented brothers, except for the scent. No perfume or essential oil has been added.

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Reasons to use unscented beard oil

1. Your skin is sensitive to perfume

If you have sensitive skin, you want to keep the care products you use as mild and natural as possible. And although our products are all free of silicones, parabens and sulfates and consist of natural ingredients, we have added essential oils and fragrance oils. Essential oils are 100% natural, fragrance oils are not. These oils are only added in small amounts, but for men with very sensitive skin, even that little bit can be more than you want. The odorless beard oil therefore offers the solution to take good care of your beard.


2. The scented beard oils don't match your perfume

If you do not want to use any other scents in addition to your perfume or if the scents of the beard oil do not match your favorite perfume, then the odorless beard oil is ideal.

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3. You want to use an unscented oil at night

Use beard oil at night? Yes, that's good to do once in a while. This way the oil can penetrate the beard hairs and the underlying skin all night long. During the day you like to walk around with a great smelling beard, but at night you might prefer to keep it neutral. The odorless beard oil is then a nice addition to your beard oil supply.

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