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How do you avoid mistakes when shaving or trimming your beard?

Making mistakes is only human. And bearded men sometimes make a mistake when it comes to trimming their beards. We've all experienced it. But the cliché is true: prevention is better than cure. 5 Tips to avoid mistakes when trimming your beard and mustache.


1. Take your time

Updating the beard is a meticulous job. And you shouldn't do that if you're in a hurry. If you want a nice tight beard and mustache, but you don't have time, do it another time. Because you don't want to accidentally shave a piece out of your beard in a hurry, do you?


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2. Use the right tools

Make sure your razor is sharp, otherwise put in a new blade. Make sure your tools are clean, otherwise clean them before use. And if you are not so handy with creating tight contours or a flowing neckline from the wrist, use a beard shaping tool.

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3. Do not trim or cut your beard when it is wet

Wet beard hairs are heavier, longer, less curly and therefore hang differently than when they are dry. It is therefore not useful to update the length when the beard is wet, because when the beard has dried it is a lot shorter. It is also better for cutting protruding hairs if the beard and mustache are dry, so that you only cut away what sticks out.


4. Use shaving cream instead of shaving foam

Barbaric's Shaving Cream does not lather. This makes the product ideal for updating the beard and mustache, because you can clearly see what you are doing right. The cream makes the hair soft and the skin smooth, so that the razor glides easily over the skin.


5. Don't go on autopilot

You may have become an expert at trimming the beard and think you can do it with your eyes closed, but it only takes one little wrong move and your beautiful beard is a little less gorgeous. You don't want that. So stay focused.


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