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What are common beard problems?

You don't just grow a beautiful beard. It takes time and attention and you can run into issues. We list the most common beard problems for you. Don't worry, this can all be solved or even prevented. More about that in the next blog.


Common beard problems

Every person is different and so is every beard. Where one grows a beautiful, full beard with little effort, the other suffers from bald spots, dryness, dandruff or irritation.


Beard itch

Itch, it's annoying. With a starting beard, the skin can start to itch, but this is also possible at a later stage. This is because the hairs come through (with a starting beard) or because of dry skin. Don't scratch, it will make it worse.



Dandruff in your beard? Yes, that is possible. And just like with your head hair, you don't want that. Dandruff is caused by dry skin and skin cells/flakes that accumulate.

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Ingrown hair

An ingrown beard hair can lead to painful inflammation. So avoid! How? You can read that in the next blog.

Irregular beard growth or little volume

Many men suffer from irregular beard growth or bald spots. This can occur both at the beginning of beard growth and at a later stage. Low volume is also a known beard problem, because you simply want a beautiful, full beard.

Split ends

Just like with your head hair, you can suffer from split ends in your beard. This is caused by not optimal care of the beard.

Beard hair loss

Losing beard hair is a natural process, because you automatically go through the hair growth cycle. But sometimes you lose more hair than usual and you even notice that your beard is less full.


Fading contours

It is most common that you do not have tight contours on your cheeks and / or in your neck, but that you create them. If you do have those clean lines of your own, they can start to fade. This can look unkempt. (The contours created also fade, of course, but you probably already expected that.)

Skin irritations

Skin irritations can happen to anyone and have many different causes. It may be due to the products you use, you may have very sensitive skin and you react more intensely to certain ingredients; it can be due to insufficient hygiene or because you often touch your beard with your hands (and therefore bacteria); it can be due to diet, etc.

Prevent or solve beard problems

These beard problems can be prevented (and solved) by a good beard care routine. And that is the last problem. Huh, is the solution a problem? Yes, because a good routine requires discipline and finding the right products. Let us have already done the latter for you, the former is up to you.

Read the following blog to find out the solutions to these beard problems.


| Tip: If you have serious skin problems, ask a dermatologist for advice about the care of your beard and the products to use. |

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