Waarom een Shaving Cream gebruiken?

Why use a Shaving Cream?

There are several shaving products, the best known of which is shaving foam. You can buy this foam ready-made or create it yourself with shaving soap. But foam is not useful if you want to update your beard and mustache, because you can't see what you're doing because of the white mass. In comes the Shaving Cream.


What is Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream is a creamy substance (surprisingly) based on apricot and avocado, enriched with black currant and oats. These ingredients prevent skin irritation, are moisturizing and nourishing. The cream makes the hair soft and allows the razor to glide easily over the skin.


Barbaric Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream vs shaving foam

We have already mentioned one of the main advantages of Shaving Cream over shaving foam, but there is more:

  • Shaving Cream is better for the skin with the natural ingredients, which makes it also suitable for men with sensitive skin.
  • It makes the skin smoother, making shaving easier and the skin better protected against your sharp blade.
  • You need less product for your shave and you can dose better.

The Shaving Cream not only helps to create a tight and smooth result, it also gives the skin a fresh feeling after shaving.


How to use Shaving Cream

Wet the skin with warm water and apply the Shaving Cream to the area to be shaved. Let the cream penetrate the skin and hair for a few seconds. Shave the hairs with a razor (in the direction of the hair). Rinse the skin with warm water.

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