Barbaric baardverzorging op reis

What do you take with you on vacation for your beard?

Travel, how wonderful it is. If you follow us on Instagram, you know that mister Barbaric himself likes to travel. But what do you actually take with you on holiday for your beard?


I'm going on vacation and taking with me

A beautiful and healthy beard needs good beard care every day. If you have enough space in your suitcase, take everything you use for your beard at home. Everything? Yes, why not. Don't stop reading, we understand that you don't always have enough space in your suitcase or that you may only travel with hand luggage.


Barbaric travel kit light

Situation: short trip, hand luggage only

If you are going to fly with only hand luggage, there are rules (such as max. 100 ml content) that limit taking of all your beard care products. No problem, we got you covered. Pack these essentials:

  • Beard oil: essential for daily beard care and has a capacity of only 50ml.
  • Beard shampoo: you want to clean your beard of course, so take the 100 ml version of the beard shampoo with you.
  • Beard comb: this tool that you use to detangle the beard hair daily is nice and compact.

|Tip: pack these items in the handy transparant toiletry bag, which you can put directly on the security belt. |

Barbaric travel kit plus

Situation: longer trip, more luggage

If you're going away for a bit longer, your beard needs more than just the essential products from the list above. Also pack this:

  • Beard wax: when traveling you naturally want your beard and mustache to stay in shape, so that you can go on an adventure and look good in photos. Therefore, take beard wax with you. Also ideal if you go to a place where the humidity is high or the wind is strong (think tropical island).
  • Razor plus cover: if you go away for a few days, you can neatly trim your beard at home beforehand. If you go longer, take a safety razor with you. Don't just put the razor in your toiletry bag, use a razor cover so you don't open your fingers on the razor-sharp blade. Very safe.

Have a nice trip!

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Barbaric baardshampoo 200ml
100 of 200ml
Barbaric baardwax
bundel & bespaar
Barbaric baardshampoo 200ml
100 of 200ml
Barbaric baardwax
bundel & bespaar